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We all have family stories and, no doubt, wonder at times whether they are fact or fiction.

50 years ago I am pretty sure our relatives never imagined that so much documentation relating to their lives would be so readily available at archives and even online. As a result unwelcome or unsavoury parts of family history could be glossed over or rewritten to hide the truth. It was these simple family stories that started me on my quest to find my ancestors, and after 15 years of research I now know how many were myths.

Uncovering your family history can reveal so much, from a simple signature to a major Court case or even transportation.

Maybe you would like to know where you come from. Your family history can be enlightening, and useful even if all it shows is the common causes of death!

When you have children of your own you see familiar characteristics of behaviour and wonder where that came from. Discovering your ancestors may make the picture a bit clearer. That stubborn adventurous 15 year old may have her roots in her gt gt gt grandmother who travelled alone to Australia in 1870, surviving months at sea.

A family tree would make a lovely gift for a couple starting their own family.

You may be curious to find out whether you have a famous or naughty ancestor or maybe it will just be the simple stories of everyday life that will intrigue you.

To see a selection of interesting moments in family history do look at Family History Stories, where you will find stories about The Tipsy Tide-Waiter, Divorce in the 1920s, an interesting motoring offence and Poverty in 1911.

Family Research Services

I am located in Northumberland but have researched many families all over the UK, Canada and Australia. I am well located to be able to research Northumberland familes and can visit Woodhorn Records Office and local churches etc for you, however I have access to many online and off-line records and contacts all over the world and so can research most families. Just ask and I will let you know.

To see a list of what I can do please see Family History Research Services.